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Human geographer (PhD) and communication consultant, I am found of Do it Yourself movement, agro-ecology, crafts, sustainable fashion and eco-design.

Along with theory, I grow practices for an ecological lifestyle.

I am partner of Simone Frabboni, a contemporary jewelry and design brand.
(Spoiler: the name of the brand is the name of the craftsmen, and he is also my partner in life ^_^ ).

For our brand, I am in charge of online communication, sales, customer service, research about new projects, markets… and wild recycled wood!

I am passionate about social sciences, ecology, sports with a board under my feet and in contact with the elements.

Roberta Borghesi

I write to weave relationships – on and off the web – about issues such as ecology, alternative lifestyles, and autonomy from neoliberalist thinking (“There is no alternative”). (I also like to call a spade a spade!)

Writing is a magical art and can create worlds,
so I write (for) the world that I desire.


Here you will find most of my publications, in print and/or available on the web.

I am one of the authors of the book Genuino Clandestino, Journey through Resistant Agri-Cultures in the Time of Great Works. Watch the preview here or buy it here. On our book’s blog you can find all our adventures: our travel to the farmers, our (silly ^_^) backstage video.

This is my profile on Linkedin. is the site I created to tell wild stories.

Walking, following slow paths, off the high speed beaten track. Tracks of paths, real ones, in the woods and, metaphorically, the little-trodden paths of those who walk an alternative, measuring it day by day, in their own steps.


Photo by Mircea Sanauceanu on Unsplash

My path, between social sciences and communication

I work to combine my research and work interests with action, individually and collectively.

As a researcher, I work on rural landscape, local food networks, craft production practices, sustainable fashion and design.

I enjoy making sites with WordPress, that I learned to use as an autodidact.

Thanks to my independent journey

I collaborate with people who want to make themselves autonomous in their own online communication.

I studied communication science in Bologna, in the shadow of Umberto Eco and semiotics. (What is semiotics? In two words: the discipline that studies signs.)

I have a humanistic and multidisciplinary background. I have worked for a number of years in Italian universities and abroad as researcher in human geography, dealing with landscape and land, agro-ecology and critical consumption.

I participated to local food networks and agro-ecology movements.
I am interested in combine theory with practice and to collaborate with farmers’ networks in my town taught me as our daily actions and choices build the territory we desire.

I work as a freelance researcher, content writer and communications consultant with associations and NGOs.
Working for our brand I got to know many craftsmen and creatives in Italy and in Europe, and I noticed how communication is even more important if our purpose is to disseminate eco-friendly and ethical products, services and practices.

My intent is to seek a correspondence between theory and practice, between real and virtual worlds. It will be much better to do it together!

How can we collaborate?