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Conscious online communication

I am an independent researcher and communications professional.
I currently work mainly for an independent brand of which I am a partner.

I still remember, not without nostalgia, 56k connections with busy phones, forums, mailing lists, and the world before social.
I like the Do It Yourself movement and the hacker philosophy, I am a user (and lover) of free and open source software, even if I am not an expert in computer science.
I have always preferred blogs to social networks, long before the latter turned out to be commercial and a bit “betrayers” (i.e. primarily making money on our contents and time, but, as you would know: “when something is free the product is you“).

I like to learn to use my computer and tech tools in the same way I like to learn how to grow my tomatoes, make jam out of fruit from my garden or make my bread with flours from farmers that I personally know and that I can meet at the local markets.

On this site I will share tips and tools that I have learned over the years.
The fact that I am self-taught about new media and that I have a humanistic background and interests allows me to carefully choose essential information and try to make it simple, a kind of “translating” the nerdy language for us, “normal people”.

Thanks to my education and experience on personal projects and activism, I have very varied skills in online communication, humanistic and technical, but most of all ethical.
I think it is important for people and organizations to be aware of their choices, to take steps that are appropriate to their characteristics and needs, to create communication strategies that are “tailored” to us and that can grow with us.

There is not only one road that is the same for everyone.
I think that our best road is the one that we design by ourselves.

We cannot use someone else’s map to get to places that only we do know (or we will discover!).

That’s why I offer customized consultations, to support freelancers, independent businesses and kindred spirits in consciously self-managing their online presence.

Without a doubt, I invite you to write wild, outside the increasingly pervasive spaces of Big Tech corporations.

My critical and complex vision has been very important in building the communication strategy for our brand and the entities I work with.

I’m working on blog posts on these topics, a freebie, and even a book! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile if you feel like to discover more about my experience and how I can help you contact me at roberta (at)

WordCamp Irun (Spain) 2019 – I’m there too, next to the “W” 😉

A little thank you

If you are now reading this site of mines it’s thanks to WordPress, the program that I use to make websites.
And maybe even more to WordCamps, meetings where the WordPress community share their skills, tips and philosophy for free.
The human factor that has been so important for me to process the tech information, not my favorite area of interest.
I think that is not a case that I went to a WordCamp in Irun that has been the first with a talk into the streets: I really believe that this kind of information and tools should be more accessible to people like me, that wants to learn autonomously, but that is a little scared of the tech part.
After my experience I would like to say to everyone: you can do it!

And, as I am also an idealistic person, my mind goes to the old (but gold) slogan of Indymedia: “Don’t hate the media, become the media”.

If you don’t know what is and has been Indymedia, I invite you to discover it… by yourself!