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roberta radure

Who I am

I am a researcher, a person that searchs and experiment.

I studied communication and social science with a theoretical approach.

I became interested to new media thanks to practice, as a self-taught.

I am interested in ecological lifestyles – starting from mine – and multidisciplinar visions.

My favourite themes are agro-ecology, fair trade, sustainable crafts and design.


What I do

I write, to create networks.
About critical consumption, ecological lifestiles and other possible worlds.

I share strategies and resources for a free and self-sufficient online communication, for independent companies and projects.

I collaborate with associations, NGOs, magazines and independent brands about communication and local development.
I am interested in participatory processes and action research, so I can grow together with the projects I collaborate with.


It’s the website that I created to tell wild stories.
All together.

A space to grow immagination, to trace paths that represent alternatives to neoliberism and to share practices of rooted life.

Born as an individual project, is thought to be a community.

By nature is open to collaborations and influences.

As a forest.


coming soon

There will be also a BLOG

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