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roberta radure

Who I am

Human geographer, I live in the hills, among the badlands, in a wooden house with a large workshop.

I like to live rooted in a place, but I have a pilgrim spirit.

I believe in do-it-yourself philosophy, even on the web.

I am interested in ecological lifestyles – starting with my own – and in multidisciplinary visions.

I’m into agroecology, crafts, sustainable design and social change.


What I do

I write, to weave networks and cultivate change.

About critical consumption, agro-ecology, sustainable fashion and other possible worlds.

I work for a free, self-managed online communication.

I collaborate with associations, NGOs, magazines and creatives, about communication and local development.

I am interested in participatory processes and action-research, in order to grow together with the projects I work with.



It’s the website that I created, to tell wild stories.
All together.

A space to grow immagination, to trace paths as alternatives to neoliberalism and to share practices of rooted life, in the countryside as well as in the city.

Born as an individual project, it is thought to be a community.

By nature it is open to collaborations and partnerships.
Like a forest.

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There will be also a BLOG

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